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Mercedes Benz Viano

The Mercedes-Benz Viano welcomes passengers in its interior with high quality materials and stylish design, already opening the double sliding side doors, passengers will be welcomed by the thresholds chrome and the soft carpet. Some of the leather seats with armrests are single and part of the door trim are made of leather which give the Viano a particularly elegant look.

Comfortably accommodate passengers.

The ideal temperature is guaranteed by the double front and rear automatic climate control, in addition to glass surfaces obscured that gives privacy.
Due to its elegant moldings, the surface quality of the dashboard are even more valuable, while the center console is equipped with a GPS navigator Europe. Composition of the Viano include airbags. The engine of 3000 cm3 V-6 cylinder, power and garntisce prograssione in all situations even when fully loaded, the long version of the Viano offers space for passengers and their baggage.

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